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Sandra is an internationally experienced wellness advocate and speaker.  By exercising transparency about her own life experiences, she inspires youth to continue to press forward despite setbacks and difficulties in their lives.  At the heart of her success is showing youth how a change in their perspective revolutionizes their lives.

Sandra has been providing seminars, training, and consultations for over a decade.  She has custom-tailored curricula that focus on topics that today’s youth desperately need.  Topics that encompass their emotional, physical, relational well-being which drastically decreases stress levels, and inspires youth to succeed despite any negative circumstances that may surround them.

Additionally, Sandra is highly rated teaching middle school and high school students online.  Her singular live classes include: Stress Reduction Toolbag: 4 Tweens & Teens (Ages 10-15),  Stress Reduction Toolbag: 4 Teens (16-18), Navigating Social Stress & Peer Pressure for Tweens & Teens (Ages 10-15), and Time Management 4 Teens & Tweens (Ages 10-15).  She also offers four week sessions including a live class in Stress & Anxiety Management (Ages 10-15), and Stress Management for Tweens & Teens (Flexible Schedule – ages 10-15),  which is a pre-recorded class for students that cannot attend live classes.


Why you should book Sandra Foster as your speaker:


  • Sandra experienced first-hand the challenges of growing up with hardship, deprivation, betrayal, and feeling unseen and under-valued
  • She has the ability to talk about difficult topics with transparency and sensitivity which makes her insights invaluable not only to the youth, but to anyone dedicated to helping today’s youth thrive





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